ConvergeFL 2013 ~ Discount code & free ticket drawing

Hello all. Our friends at ConvergeFL are offering a free ticket giveaway to the Refresh Tallahassee group. Please go here, enter your email address, and in two weeks we’ll do a random drawing to pick a winner.

There is also a discount code for Refresh Tallahassee members. Use “refreshtally” when you get your ticket to receive 20% off the conference price. Woot!


Quote for the day

On distinguishing between art and design

“One of the big differences between art and design is that art is mostly about commentary — it’s making a statement that you’re expecting other people to contemplate and be moved by, emotionally, or altered by, in terms of their perceptions.”

“Whereas design is really about solving a problem that makes something more pragmatic, and useful, and valuable or valued, and of course you can add qualities of aesthetics to that, that make it also a delight. At the same time, if it fails on the functionality side, all is lost, whereas if it fails on the delight side, it might still fit into a lot of people’s lives in a satisfactory if not an exciting way.”

~ Bill Moggeridge

Source: mcwade.com


WordPress 3.0 ~ Fatal Error Fix

Yesterday I “automatically” upgraded the Refresh Tallahassee site from WordPress 2.9 to 3.0, and when I was finished, all that remained of the site was a fatal error message. Nice. After a little searching, I found out that the Event Calendar plug-in was the culprit. After removing this plug-in via FTP, everything now seems to be working fine. Now you know.


Registration Redirection

Hello all. New registration on the Refresh site has slowed significantly, but the spamming community seems to have found our registration page and is LOVING it. All that to say, I’ve disabled the registration page. If you would like to register as a user on this site, send me an email (mike [at] houghtoninteractive [dot] com), and I’ll get you set up.


~ Mike