Usually when you watch a keynote, you expect some sneak peaks or a big unveiling of a new product line. But despite Steve Ballmer’s early reassurance that  “…our industry continued to invest, and bring new technologies to the marketplace,” there was not much unveiling going on this Wednesday. Most of the products presented were just large media companies trying to get their existing products to work together. I’m sure the CES floor will have many more new ideas, but since most of us are probably not attending, I figured I’d start a brainstorm of what could or perhaps should be on the floor. If you have your own ideas, and like me, lack the money or motivation to go through with them, go ahead and list it in the comments. Who knows, maybe someone will pick it up and run with it. Here are mine (and yes, they’re all half-baked):

  • Any system that reduces the number of things I carry around would be worth-while. So a consumer-grade key system for our homes and cars that works on a magnetic strip card, or cell phone would be great. Right now we have kits that unlock and turn our cars on, but you still need the car keys to make the car move. And we don’t (that I’m aware of) have cost-effective consumer systems that use our phones to unlock our front doors. Some Brazilians have already created a system that lets you pay for your movie tickets through SMS, without requiring a computer. Just give the payments

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