The folks at Userfocus have added some new floaties to the pool of front-end role descriptions…

  • An Information Architect would ensure that: the master bedroom can fit a double bed, two side tables and a large wardrobe; the kitchen is next to the dining room; and the only bathroom is not in the garage.
  • An Interaction Designer would ensure that the cold water tap is always on the right, that the stairs have a hand rail and the light switches are on the correct side of the door.
  • A Visual Designer would choose the carpets, curtains and furniture so that they co-ordinate well, are in keeping with the character of the house and meet the home owner’s individual taste.
  • A Usability Engineer would ‘snag’ the house during development to identify the day-to-day problems that people will experience when they move in.
  • A User Experience Designer has overall responsibility for the design: leading and briefing all of those specialist roles, resolving the inevitable conflicts across these roles and generally ‘representing’ the home owner (not the builders) in the design process.

Source: The Monty Python Guide to User Experience Design

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