1. The word comes first, then the visual.
  2. Think long. Write short.
  3. A trend is always a trap.
  4. A Big Idea can change world culture.
  5. Teamwork might work in building an Amish barn, but it can’t create a Big Idea.
  6. To create great work, here’s how you must spend your time: 1% inspiration, 9% perspiration, 90% justification.
  7. When you know a client is dead wrong about a marketing opportunity, create a brand name that blows his mind!
  8. Make your surroundings a metaphor for who you are.
  9. Research is the enemy of creativity–unless it’s your own “creative” research (heh-heh).
  10. Creating advertising that is icon rather than con depends on the deep belief that your message is more than the purchase of a product or service.

Source: FastCo Blog

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