A Deep Dive into Some Core Principles of Successful Website Design

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Date & Time: Thursday, November 3, 6:30 to 8:00

Location: FSU, William Johnston Building, Room 2010

RSVP: meetup.com/refresh-tallahassee

The editors of UnmatchedStyle.com will be here to present a deep dive into some core principles of successful website design. We’ll look at aspects of what makes a user interface work (or not) and investigate ways to increase conversion rates. We’ll also gain insight from lessons learned reviewing thousands of websites on Unmatchedstyle.com.

Symbolic Imagery in Interface Design
by Giovanni DiFeterici
Giovanni will discuss the inherent symbolic nature of UI elements, how people interact with them in relation to their real world analogs, and how to build a description of an element’s function into its visual presentation. Understanding how people think about the interactive visuals that we build can help us design more cleanly and to speak more clearly to our users.

Sign Up UX Design
by Gene Crawford
Your web app’s sign-up experience or the call-to-action better be top-notch. People have short attention spans and take no mercy when passing judgement on your service or products. We’ll be looking at some best practices and review great examples that demonstrate what goes into a solid sign-up experience. We’ll also get into some psychology, design patterns & reviews.

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