mobile app iconsMobile Apps are sweeping the internet and bringing powerful change to all levels of life experience.  This new internet marketplace gives rise to creative practices which will have far-reaching economic, social, political and cultural benefits.

Come join TalTech Alliance and Refresh Tallahassee as we feature three experienced mobile app developers to tell their stories and answer questions.

When and Where:
February 15th, 2011 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Capital City Country Club
1601 Golf Terrace Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Habitat Tracker – Dr. Ian Douglas, FSU-College of Communications & Information
Habitat Tracker draws upon more than a decade of prior research on mobile computing in museums to design and  develop a learning system based on the use of digital journals before,  during, and after field trips to wildlife centers. The project team will  develop a digital journaling device that small groups of school  children working as teams will use to collect data as they walk a  wildlife trail at the museum. This device, the Habitat Tracker Journal,  will help students create digital records of their visits that will then  be accessible online using a corresponding Habitat Tracker Website.  Classrooms of students will use these systems, in school and in the  museum, to develop their own questions about the nature of science, and  access multimedia content and expert commentary about natural habitats,  while recording their own observations and answering their own questions  about the wildlife they observe, before, during, and after field trips  to the wildlife center.
Web site:

BallFallDown – Paul Zimmer
Paul is president of FlatPack Interactive, an indie app development company which recently released its first title, “BallFallDown”.  BallFallDown is an innovative kids marble run game, adapted for the iPad, that takes advantage of its multitouch capabilities and processing power. You can download it and check out some sample videos at the following links:
BallFallDown (free version):
BallFallDown Deluxe:
Promo video:
Walkthrough video:

Model UN App – Farhood Basiri, Bellwether Inc.
The Model UN App for iPhone is the single best source of easy-to-access information for MUN participants. Users can easily access a trove of resources and documents: search or browse the entire CIA World Factbook, access live UN News, and scour through hundreds of NGOs.  Model UN is available to download FOR FREE until February 16, so you can check it out before or right after the event ! ! ! !

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