The following paraphrasing of copy was a part of the lead paragraph on a real estate-related blog post this morning. Needless to say, it caught my eye… and put a very grumpy spin to my Friday morning.

logo-tournamentAre you a new business in need of a logo, or are you a company that needs to update your brand logo? Well, you can hire a fancy pants graphics designer, who will take a month or so to give you something you’re not crazy about (and bill you a handsome fee)…. or try Logotournament.

So how do you respond to this kind of service? Would you throw your name into the tournament and give it shot? If not, why not? Like me, do you have a sense that the quality of this work is “a good enough value” in the minds of a LOT of people? If so, how do you compete against it? And on a related note, what are your thoughts in general to “off-shoring” design and programming?

Pick a question. I’m interested in your thoughts.

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