An interface designer has a crappy experience on the American Airlines site, so he decides to offer up a redesign… and then gets a nice response from one of the UX architects at American.

The gist of the response… “But–and I guess here’s the thing I most wanted to get across–simply doing a home page redesign is a piece of cake. You want a redesign? I’ve got six of them in my archives. It only takes a few hours to put together a really good-looking one, as you demonstrated in your post. But doing the design isn’t the hard part, and I think that’s what a lot of outsiders don’t really get, probably because many of them actually do belong to small, just-get-it-done organizations. But those of us who work in enterprise-level situations realize the momentum even a simple redesign must overcome, and not many, I’ll bet, are jumping on this same bandwagon. They know what it’s like.”

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